Something for you?

When you:

  • have something stirring inside and you know that it’s time to stand still, listen and respond
  • want to expand awareness for using your potential to the fullest from the inside out
  • can allow yourself to play with what is and create something new
  • are ready to invite discovery, (co-) create as you go, stand on edges, and cut straight to the essence of what wants to happen
  • are willing to hear and consider different ideas, approaches, value systems, and ways of thinking
  • accept the invitation to work with and in nature and are willing to listen to what nature reveals in order in order to get guidance for your personal and/or professional growth
  • can commit to a 7-14 days experience in and around Kruger National Park South Africa

The Elephant program could be a fine choice for you!

Program information

We will work with experiential learning and the potential based approach, using the wisdom of nature and the philosophy and frameworks of Transformational Presence as our main sources.

  • The scenery of Kruger National Park, and its biodiversity and unspoiled natural landscapes are unparalleled in the world and a beautiful opportunity to do transformational work. We will be using its nature as a backdrop and as an inspirational and creative source, discovering and creating step by step as you go, working with what is. We will deepen the connection with nature, listening, watching, feeling and sensing what gets your attention as we go on our journey.
  • The program uses simple, practical, and impactful approaches and tools that can serve you no matter what your question, project or challenge may be. The underlying foundation for the program is the work of Alan Seale, called Transformational Presence. All the time and in a collaborative process with nature you will be invited to focus on the opportunities, choices and potential of the situation/question, sensing the role that is asked from you, determining your next steps.
  • You will benefit from an experienced coach and guide who leads you safely into Kruger National Park and surrounding areas, who understand that wildlife and all that flourishes and grows in the wilderness is worthy of attention and respect, and who will be your private driver during the entire trip.
  • You have the opportunity to go on a 3-night wilderness walking trail safari (maximum of 8 persons) with certified South-African rangers in a remote part of Kruger National Park. These trails are very popular, so booking in an early stage is essential to reserve your spot.  Whiel walking you discover and develop your authentic and powerful personal presence more and more. Moving forward on the path you are called to walk.

sit down and discuss

Of course you can call me to obtain further information. And then, let us first sit down and discuss how to best fulfil your wishes. Receiving your feedback and requests at an early stage will allow me to offer you the best available options. Many activities and accommodations in Kruger National Park are very popular and often booked up to one year in advance. A timely preparation is thus highly recommended. I can also advise you on the best airline tickets or on extending your trip to include visits to other parts of South Africa. You must however book the flight tickets yourself to avoid paying additional VAT taxes. I am particularly familiar with the northern wildlife parks of South Africa and, as the saying goes, I stick to what I know best!

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