Travel quote, booking confirmation and cancellation/refund

  1. The journey begins with a non-binding travel quote by Bed and Beast® , which is submitted to the main applicant for the trip, hereinafter referred to as the ‘traveller’. The traveller is at this stage not bound to any commitment. Bed and Beast® talks through the travel quote with the traveller and adjusts the quote if required. Based on this, Bed and Beast® submits a final quote to the traveller. The booking is finalised as soon as Bed and Beast® receives the accepted and signed travel quote from the traveller. The traveller then receives a written booking confirmation from Bed and Beast® .
  2. The offer in the travel quote by Bed and Beast® is non-binding and the traveller may cancel the booking even after receiving the confirmation by Bed and Beast®.  The cancellation request must be submitted to Bed and Beast® as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours after the date on which the traveller has signed the quote, and its approval is subject to the reasons of cancellation. When compliant to these conditions, the traveller is entitled to an immediate and full refund.
  3. The traveller is requested to pay Bed and Beast® the totality of travel costs no later than 8 weeks prior to the date of departure. Bed and Beast® can offer advice on flight tickets, yet leaves the booking to the traveller to prevent adding a 21% VAT on services rendered. Bed and Beast® is responsible for making all other arrangements concerning the booking in South Africa.
  4. The traveller is in breach of the booking agreement when failing to meet the financial obligations as referred to in the previous paragraph. When payment is not received in a timely fashion, the traveller will receive an exhortation from or on behalf of Bed and Beast® to urgently comply with payment obligations within 14 days. If payment is still not received by the due date, Bed and Beast® will have the right to cancel the booking the day after the date due. See for the costs of the cancellation under ‘Changing a booking’ point 5.


Changing a booking

  1. If at the time of booking a portion of the itinerary is no longer available, Bed and Beast® will inform the traveller, who may then change or amend the booking accordingly. The traveller shall bear any additional costs incurred in connection with the change.
  2. Bed and Beast® is entitled to change the booking due to exceptional circumstances. In such an occurrence, Bed and Beast® will notify the traveller and without delay offer an alternative booking equivalent to the original offer. The equivalence of the alternative booking must be assessed according to objective criteria. The traveller can only reject the change if the change causes a disadvantage to the traveller which is more than of slight significance.
  3. The traveller may request a change in the booking for medical or other reasons. Bed and Beast® has no obligation to grant the change request but may accept to do so. In that case, the traveller shall bear any additional costs incurred in connection with the change.
  4. The traveller can request that the travel organiser replace him/her with another person. When the request cannot be granted, Bed and Beast® will notify the traveller to this effect, stating reasons. The traveller and the person replacing him/her or another member of the travelling party are jointly and severally liable to Bed and Beast® for the payment of any remaining travel fees or any additional costs resulting from the replacement.
  5. The traveller shall bear the costs incurred by any cancellation or change(s) to the booking.
  6. Travel insurance with cancellation coverage is mandatory for the traveller as well as for each member of the travelling party. Travellers shall provide Bed and Beast® a copy of the travel insurance documents.


Provision of information

  1. Prior to entering into the agreement, the traveller shall timely provide Bed and Beast® all personal contact information relevant to concluding the agreement. This includes mobile phone numbers, e-mail addresses and passport (and birth certificate for persons under 18 years of age) copies of the traveller and each member of the travelling party. Other pertinent information must also be disclosed for the proper execution of the trip.
  2. After booking, travellers and fellow travellers are all responsible for carrying valid travel documents (as airline tickets, passports, birth certificates) before travelling to South Africa, and for verifying that the information is up to date.