Sascha Krijger

I’m a certified  Transformational Presence coach and advisor/manager, working mainly in the not for profit sector, having a passion to be cathalyst for growth. I combine my work experience (as head of HR- and Strategy departments, change manager, interim manager, program manager, and independent consultant) with the philosophy and frameworks of Transformational Presence and other programs with a focus on systemic work. See for more information regardin my working experience my LinkedIn page.  In my coaching I use the positive effects of energy, movement en reflection in and in relationship to nature. The senses open up and there is space for reflection, associations and imagination.

Since 1995 I have been coming to Kruger National Park every year for usually a period of three weeks . Sometimes I’ll stay in the Southern part of the Park, sometimes in the North, and at other times I travel across the entire park. Over the years I have come to know every road inside that park like the back of my hand. My experience extends to developing skills on how to safely encounter wildlife and what to pay attention to in a specific area of the park. I’m also aware of the best places to spot specific species of animals.  Gladly I would like to share my passion for photography. There is no better place on earth to take super beautiful photo’s!

My passion for wildlife had made me sign up for an introductory course in 1995 at the Field Guide Association of Southern Africa (FGASA). I have gone on several of so-called wilderness trails from a remote area of the bush, and participated in a number of conferences on wildlife and wildlife management within the park.

Whenever I am in the bush, my fascination with animal behaviour leads to blissfully long observing sessions of the animals. For instance I love to spend time watching the highly social interactions within a herd of elephants or a pack of hyenas, or getting a glimpse of predatory birds soaring over the bush or scavenging on carcasses. These experiences have made me increasingly aware of the considerable wealth of biodiversity in Kruger National Park, which has made me more of a nature observer than a ‘Big 5’ game hunter. I nevertheless feel a great thrill when spotting a leopard or a lion.

When I’m in South Africa, I literally and figuratively move outside my the world I spend most of my time in.  I set foot on new tracks, open up all my senses, discover new horizons and perspectives again and again. And I notice that I’m really easily receptive for new experiences, views and initiatives.


My love of nature and fascination with wildlife and animal behaviour has also fuelled my passion for photography. I took all the photos that feature this website. The light in South Africa can be challenging during the day’s scorching bright sunlight, but quite beautiful for photographing in the morning and evening. Also, animals are very unpredictable and move very quickly, adding another challenge to photographing them. The more you learn about their behaviour, the better your photos. I can share many tips (as well as learn others from you) on how to capture the most beautiful wildlife moments.

For me, being in the bush is to distance oneself from the daily pressures of life. It’s a refuge where one can find a peaceful and soothing timelessness that engages the spirit, and brings one closer to what really matters. Every day spent in Kruger Park is an invitation to feel an awakened sense of self, with a deep connection with the environment and one’s thoughts and emotions. This can be confronting at times, but also very liberating in articulating new life goals.

I find it only natural to give back something in return of the long-lasting personal benefits of visiting South Africa, to do something for the local population. With this in mind, I have established the Computers for Africa Foundation with partners Jef Verschuren and Ben Schotpoort. I would be tremendously grateful if you decided to contribute to our work by making a donation to the Foundation. Of course, I will respect any preference to keep your trip and your charitable contributions separate. Find out more about our work at the Foundation here.