Kruger National Park offers safe lodging and accommodation options. Throughout the park are 12 securely fenced rest camps forming small villages. Most rest camps enclose a number of campsites and several round bungalows with a thatched roof called ‘rondavels’, a restaurant, a shop, a swimming pool and often a washing machine. The bungalow units or cottages are usually arranged in a circle with a big lawn in the middle. In the evening, it’s time to cook a BBQ meal or ‘braai’ on a braai grid, available at each cottage. Braai is a national pastime in South Africa. This type of accommodation is basic, clean, and the bed linen and towels are provided. Each cottage or rondavel contains two or three beds, a bathroom with shower and toilet, a small terrace, and is equipped with a refrigerator and fan and / or air conditioning. Some rest camps have larger bungalows with 2 bedrooms.


There are also so-called bushveld camps, They are situated in more remote wilderness areas of the park, and are also fenced. These camps are restricted to visitors who have reserved these accommodations. The cottages offer basic amenities (always with shower and toilet), yet no swimming pool or restaurants like in larger rest camps. Bushveld camps cater to nature lovers who are seeking more wilderness and fewer crowds.

The park

Kruger National Park is criss-crossed with over 2000 km of winding dirt or gravel roads and a few paved roads. The tarred or paved roads provide relatively quick travel from north to south and east to west. Leaving your car is prohibited and since you are driving in the wilderness in search of animal sightings, the average speed is no faster than 20 km per hour. It takes necessarily several days to cross the entire park. Exploring the bush in the early morning and late afternoon (times where spotting animals are more likely) is intercut with long midday relaxing pauses to grab some lunch and enjoy the rest camps’ surroundings. As I have already suggested elsewhere on this website, staying at the same location for a few days to explore that area is highly recommended.